LEAD for SDGs programme has developed an SDGs Knowledge Hub (SKH) in collaboration with Planning Commission the main division of the Ministry of Planning Development & Special Initiatives (PD&SI) to provide tailor-made information and knowledge products for various stakeholders working on SDGs achievement.


It would serve as a central repository of trusted and inclusive information, a platform capable of nurturing the sustained acquisition of SDGs knowledge beyond the LEAD for SDGs project to benefit the development practitioners, policy, and decision-makers. This digital knowledge repository is a readily accessible resource for the beneficiaries of SDGs for awareness and support to the federal, provincial, and particularly local governments.


Users like local government representatives, community members and stakeholders’ representatives can access and consume SKH information of their interest such as IEC and capacity-building material, toolkits, global and regional best practices, case studies, models, surveys, news and research studies.

Provide knowledge & information for improved policies, planning, financing, resource allocation etc.

Unified space for all the stakeholders to accumulate data and knowledge resources related to SDGs.

Raise awareness of the SDGs and integrate Agenda 2030 at the local level

Enhance the understanding of common citizen, youth & academia on issues related to SDGs for improved policy dialogue, political debate & public discourse mainly to hold policymakers & duty bearers accountable to the needs & aspirations of citizens.